Each of the above names apply to a particular type of exercising machine; an elliptical.  An Elliptical is a machine that provides an excellent workout without impacting joints.

An Elliptical Cross Trainer allowed me to continue exercising when my original and preferred form of exercise was no longer an option

I've always loved to walk long distances; preferably nature walks.   My preferences were strolling along the shoreline of Ogunquit, Maine at the edge of icy incoming waves; or traversing miles of wooded paths with a leafy canopy above my head; my dogs at my side.  Nature walking provided me enjoyable exercising coupled with long spans of infinite peace and enjoyment.

Elliptical Trainer

Time passed, and I developed arthritis in my knees.  Walking, or standing for any duration on hard surfaces such as cement impeded the pleasure I had derived in my earlier exercising.  It actually made it impossible.  By that time I lived in an area where strolls had to be undertaken on city sidewalks.  I no longer had the luxury of a 'miles long' dirt path behind my apartment building for my daily walking pleasure. 

Frustrated, I began to look for other forms of exercising that didn't impact my joints.  Years ago, I discovered what I needed when I began researching machines for low impact, full body workouts at an affordable price.  My search led me to Ellipticals.   The machine I settled on is sturdy, stable and provides an excellent workout with no knee pain.  There are back wheels so I can drag it to wherever it needs to be at any given time.

I purchased my Elliptical Machine some time ago.  There is a wonderful selection of Elliptical Trainers from different companies in a wide range of prices.  Many include a variety of gadgetry including heart monitors, mileage calculators, timers and various other bells and whistles.  Some are compact for those lacking space, others are full size.

If you want to pursue strength training, jump start weight loss, or be guided along the highway to optimal health, without impacting your joints, an elliptical should be at the top of your list when researching fitness equipment.

If you're striving for weight loss, small changes in diet will assist you in your goal as you peddle along on your Elliptical.

There are many great machines in the market place that are available in varying price ranges.  Do your research to find the one that's best suited to your physical needs, and budget. 

Another consideration is space.  Many of us don't have enough room to leave equipment out when not in use.  Consider purchasing a model capable of folding for easy storage.  It's always good to look at the big picture.  Doing your research is important in this area as well.  Does it suit your needs now, and will it suit your needs in the future?  If you're planning on moving to a condo in the foreseeable future, then a fold up model would be an excellent choice.  Just be sure to check the user weight requirements, and whether or not the model you are purchasing is not so small and light that it becomes unstable during a workout.

For those with cardiac issues, many doctors recommend this type of machine for people who need to be careful, yet still maintain cardiovascular health and muscle tone.  You should always check with your doctor before embarking on any type of fitness training.

Using exercise equipment, including an elliptical, is also a great way to maintain your exercise schedule when you live in areas that normally achieve heavy snow falls.  When winter snows pile up, and the sidewalks are covered with ice you can still exercise as much as you desire, but in the warmth and safety of our own home.

Click on the links you will find within these pages if you wish to learn more about Elliptical Cross Trainers.   Listed are sites that review vendors, as well as the brands and types of Elliptical Trainers they carry.  Many sites list comparison charts of price points, and gadgetry for different models, as well as customer reviews. 

Have fun investigating the world of Elliptical Machines!